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Knox prepares leaders to minister in a 21st-century context by emphasizing the application of Scripture to all areas of life, providing exceptional academic instruction, in the tradition of the Reformed faith, as well as guidance for spiritual growth. Attention is directed to the inner life of the pastor/teacher as well as an emphasis on community, blending the theoretical and practical in an urban environment. We seek to become a blessing to the city where God has placed us, bringing spiritual, cultural, and community renewal to South Florida.

Planted in sunny Fort Lauderdale, in the sixth largest urbanized area in the U.S., Knox has a distinct urban opportunity. Miami is one of the most unchurched cities in the country with one of the highest concentrations of poverty, as well as wealth, since South Florida is home to one of the world’s most important financial centers. As a hub for the art world, the fashion world, and a business axis to more than 1400 multinational corporations, South Florida is cosmopolitan, creative, dense, and diverse. Recognized as the gateway to Latin America, ministry in South Florida now will impact Latin America and many American cities with growing Hispanic populations for generations to come.

Knox rests in a truly international environment. Consider how your seminary education will be strengthened by our outstanding faculty in this rich, culture-shaping context. Prepare yourself realistically for the kind of ministry that will be required in the future. What better place to live, work, study, and minister in the earthly city in anticipation of the heavenly city that is to come?


Study In South Florida

Study In South Florida–Residential 

South Florida. Coastal. Creative. Dense. Diverse. International. Transient. Vibrant. The city in which we live is a marvelous place. On the outside, it truly sparkles. As residents, we experience the grittiness of the city along with a distinctive coastal culture and all that glitters with the enclaves of wealth. Having one of the highest concentrations of wealth and poverty, this stark contrast makes South Florida an interesting place to do ministry. Ministry work here is a snapshot of the future for smaller cities in the United States and especially Latin America. The transient nature of South Florida and its sphere of influence is like a jewel or prism beaming the light of Christ to nations everywhere.

At Knox, we focus on the city as a positive. God loves cities and we do too. Author and pastor, Tim Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian Church NYC says, “In these cities you have more images of God per square inch than anywhere else in the world.” God uses cities as epicenters for spreading Christianity throughout the world. The ministry challenges inherent to large port cities present distinct urban opportunities. So we draw from the richness of the gospel and the resonant cultural context that surrounds and informs us to guide our ministry to the city.


TIMELESS TRUTH. MODERN PACE. Disappointed by other online programs that only provide audio lectures and leave you on your own to learn? Overwhelmed by the idea of moving and leaving your ministry context to attend a residential seminary program? Knox Online connects a rich and diverse community of global learners with robust theology in an accelerated 4-, 8-, and 16-week revolving course format to meet you where you are in ministry. We offer a partial Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry online along with a  Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies (MABTS) and Master of Arts in Christian and Classical Studies (MACCS) fully online. Our high level of support and enhanced features will help you go the distance.


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