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Knox Preview Thursdays

Have you thought that biblical and theological training might help your role in the workplace, your city, and your home? Have you thought about pastoral training for a new calling? God calls us to serve in many ways; just as importantly, God equips us for each of our ministries. We want you to know about some of the theological education options available right here in south Florida.

Knox Theological Seminary serves local churches and Christians by training men and women to be Christ centered, gospel driven, and mission focused in their faith and practice. Knox is not only for those who are going into vocational ministry; we desire to train servant leaders for all walks of life. Seminary training can help a pastor and a plumber, a small group leader and a school teacher, an aspiring social worker or an individual simply looking for biblical education. We have a variety of programs tailored for a plethora of needs, and we provide classes in a flexible manner to suit different schedules.

We welcome you to experience Knox Seminary for a day.

Immerse yourself in a live class taught by one of our world-class professors, talk with admissions, enjoy worship in our weekly chapel and a time of fellowship with students, faculty, and staff. Preview Thursdays are ongoing events.

The schedule for Knox Preview Thursdays is as follows:

8:30 a.m. – Sit in on a class

11:30 a.m. – Chapel

You are welcome to attend as much or as little as possible.

Plan a visit by calling 954-771-0376 or e-mail Team Admissions at [email protected].