Alumni Profile: Marina Westerdahl, Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies, Class of 2017 | Knox Theological Seminary
John Garippa

2017 Alumnus

Marina Westerdahl Bio

Marina grew up in Argentina and spent a lot of her time around missionaries and pastors. The dinner table discussions in her home mostly centered on theology.  The books her family read, the stories they told, often centered on Scripture and the Reformation.   As time went on, Marina realized that she had a desire to teach others and needed to learn more.  Soon after, she found herself researching for a Seminary that was accredited, local and taught the theology of the reformers.


The training Marina received at Knox has equipped her to articulate the truths of the Gospel and was essential to her leading Bible studies in various homeless organizations throughout South Florida. Marina graduated with a Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies (insert MABTS redirect link here) in May 2017.  Through her education at Knox, she has decided to pursue a Ph.D. in Old Testament Studies.


Marina is a wife and mom and achieved her master’s degree with English being her second language. Her journey did not come without its challenges. Marina spent much time in prayer asking God to reveal Himself to her through the Word.  Receiving her MABTS degree was a sacrificial yet beautiful journey that made her in total awe at who God is and the indescribable truths in His word. Marina credits God’s providence for her successful completion of her studies at Knox Seminary.


Marina’s time helping the homeless community has been a blessing.  To learn more, please contact Hope House Miami or the City of Pompano Beach Homeless Shelter.