Alumni Profile: Paul Dunk, Master of Arts In Biblical And Theological Studies, Class of 2017 | Knox Theological Seminary

I am very thankful for my time at Knox. My time there was a Gospel-ministry game changer!

Susan and I planted KW Redeemer in 2015 with our launch team on Resurrection Sunday. It’s hard to believe that this Easter will mark 4 years for our church plant! My time at Knox was absolutely instrumental through the entire process and it continues to be influential in my ministry today.

KW Redeemer continues to grow and thrive, thanks to God’s grace. We have families coming into membership from diverse backgrounds. Last year we hosted our first annual Camp Dakiow for the kids of Redeemer. We aim to grow this ministry so that our teens and 20’s serve our kids, not only with a fun camp experience but through rich gospel talks around the fire. I coach baseball in our city and some of our players have come out, which is tremendous as they will be able to hear the gospel. Recently, a lovely woman who was raised Muslim and spent most of her life as an atheist came to faith in one of our services and is soon to be baptized.

Church planting is not easy work and there are scores of challenges. My advice for young church planters everywhere is to work hard and plan well but hold those plans very, very loosely. The Father is faithful. The Son will build His church. The Spirit will empower you for the insane roller coaster that is church planting.

Press on,


Paul Dunk