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Billy Graham Scholarship Winner: Meet Steve Langella

Master of Arts (Biblical and Theological Studies)–Knox Online

We’re pleased to congratulate Steve Langella, of Brooklyn, NY, on winning the previous Billy Graham Scholarship. Steve was born again in 1987; at the time, he was 24 and a bartender. He “began to feel restless and empty,” and one day he wanted nothing more than to go to church. He prayed, “Lord, I know that I am a sinner and that I have disobeyed you my whole life. Please save me and change my life.” God did, and Steve joined a church in Brooklyn, where he came to realize that preaching and teaching were his spiritual gifts. In 2006, at 43, he decided to earn his BA in religion, where he became fascinated with Reformed theology.

He says, “This scholarship will help me become better equipped to fulfill God’s calling in my life. It affords me the opportunity to continue my biblical education and not incur further debt . . . I believe that this scholarship will enable me to do what I could otherwise not do, which is sit at the feet of Gospel-centered men . . . and learn from their experience.”

Congratulations, Steve Langella!


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