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Evangelical Faith and the Challenge of Historical Criticism

by Dr. Seth Tarrer
Many introductions to biblical studies describe critical approaches, but they do not discuss the theological implications. This timely resource discusses the relationship between historical criticism and Christian theology to encourage evangelical engagement with historical-critical scholarship. Charting a middle course between wholesale rejection and unreflective embrace, Evangelical Faith and the Challenge of Historical Criticism introduces evangelicals to a way of understanding and using historical-critical scholarship that doesn’t compromise Christian orthodoxy. The book covers eight of the most hotly contested areas of debate in biblical studies, helping readers work out how to square historical criticism with their beliefs.



“Chris Hays and Chris Ansberry engage in the courageous task of showing how evangelical scholars can soberly address the hot-potato issues in biblical scholarship, even appropriate many critical insights, without selling out on what evangelicals traditionally believe. The contributors systematically address big topics like Pentateuchal criticism, pseudepigraphy and canon, problems with prophecy, the historical Jesus, and exemplify what it means to practice a form of ‘faithful criticism’ when it comes to the Bible. This is the type of discussion on faith and criticism that evangelical scholarship has needed for years. Thankfully, an intellectually rigours and theologically sensitive approach to these matters is finally upon us!” –Dr. Michael Bird, Ridley Melbourne Ministry & Mission College, Australia


Book Info

Author: Christopher M. Hays, Christopher B. Ansberry, Dr. Seth Tarrer

Print Length: 256 pages

ISBN: 0801049385

Publisher: Baker Academic

Publication Date: November 19, 2013