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The Promises of Grace: Living in the Grip of God's Love

by Dr. Bryan Chapell
The Faith We Confess An Exposition of the Thirty-Nine Articles
God’s grace is a mystery, partially revealed through salvation, and increasing in the life of the committed Christian. Christians hear and understand that they are “saved by grace.” But what other spiritual benefits can an understanding of grace reveal? What has God promised believers his grace will provide? It is unmeasured, unending, and undeserved. But do we really know what we have when God’s grace is showered on us?

The Promises of Grace offers a clear and thorough look at the beauty of grace and all it brings to believers–not physical prosperity but spiritual blessing, not “more money and fewer headaches” but “confidence of our relationship with” God. Bryan Chapell helps believers focus on the promises they can expect God to fulfill–promises of assurance of God’s love, peace of conscience, joy in the Holy Spirit, power in prayer, and perseverance in trial–through a study of Romans 8. These blessings come with the understanding that because we cannot hang on to God, he hangs on to us.

Broken down into eleven group or personal studies and illustrated by life stories, The Promises of Grace will help you discover what it means to live in the grip of God’s love. Understanding the genuine benefits of his grace leads to a life that is “more satisfying and less selfish, more fulfilling and less driven, more peaceful and less guilt ridden.”

Previously published as In the Grip of Grace, this revised edition offers a clear yet thorough look at the practical implications of God’s grace. Study questions at the end of each chapter enhance the application for personal or small group study. In a warm, encouraging style, The Promises of Grace reveals the goodness of grace for everyday life.


Book Info

Author: Dr. Bryan Chapell

Print Length: 176 pages

ISBN: 978-0801063701

Publisher: Baker Books

Publication Date: May 1, 2001