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The Stone Lifter: How Obstacles lead to your Destiny

by Mr. Steve Jeck
The Stone Lifter: How Obstacles lead to your Destiny



Do you feel like there is something more out there for you, but the obstacles in your path seem impossible to overcome?

Take a short journey with The Stone Lifter. The new perspective you gain may just help you reach the top!


The Stone Lifter by Steve Jeck is a must read for the fortune 500 CEO to the weightlifter and everyone in between. The story of the stone lifter details how the obstacles we encounter in daily life, no matter our pursuit, are to be viewed as opportunities for growth and development in which we learn something about ourselves and grow stronger as a result. These obstacles are not “road blocks” but rather opportunites to step up and meet challenges head on. No matter what our life’s goals may be, we must zero in on them with laser-like focus and keep on keeping on until we “summit the peak.” I highly recommend The Stone Lifter for motivation and inspiration on your journey to accomplish your goals! –Scott Shetler
“Author Steve Jeck hits it out of the park with this one. As a pastor, I’m always looking for ways to encourage folks going through difficulties. Jeck’s book The Stone Lifter does a wonderful job of doing just that. And perhaps the best thing about it is that it is short, succinct and to the point. When I first read it I found that it actually ministered to me. I then gave it to a friend who I thought could use what I call a ‘spiritual alignment.’ Now I have to order another one for myself. Do yourself a favor, buy this book. Once you do, you’ll have a hard time keeping it on your shelf!” –Santo



Book Info

Author: Mr. Steve Jeck

Print Length: 64 pages

ISBN: 978-0978610753

Publisher: Arbor Books

Publication Date: January 17, 2008