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Course Catalog

Master’s Course Descriptions

(Alphabetical Listing by Department)

Applied Theology

 Required Courses

[post_list name=”Required Applied Theology Courses”]

Christian and Classical Studies

Required Courses

[post_list name=”Required CCS Courses”]

Church History

Required Courses

[post_list name=”Required Church History Courses”]

Elective Courses

[post_list name=”Elective Church History Courses”]

New Testament

Required Courses

[post_list name=”Required New Testament Courses”]

Elective Courses

[post_list name=”Elective New Testament Courses”]

Old Testament

Required Courses

[post_list name=”Required Old Testament Courses”]

Elective Courses

[post_list name=”Elective Old Testament Courses”]

Theological Studies

Required Courses

[post_list name=”Required Theological Studies Courses”]

Elective Courses

[post_list name=”Elective Theological Studies Courses”]

Doctoral Course Descriptions

(Note: This is a representative list of courses.)

[post_list name=”Doctor of Ministry (All Courses)”]

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