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Dr. Samuel Lamerson Named President of Knox Theological Seminary


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Dr. Samuel Lamerson Named President of Knox Theological Seminary

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, 08/15/2014–The Board of Directors is proud to announce that Dr. Samuel Lamerson has been named President of Knox Theological Seminary, effective immediately. Following the resignation of Dr. Ronald Kovack from the presidency in 2012, the Seminary has been served by interim presidents, including Dr. Lamerson since January 2014. Based on his record of service and his work as the interim president, the Board believes Dr. Lamerson is the ideal candidate to lead Knox Seminary.

Dr. Lamerson has been at the Seminary since 1989 when Dr. D. James Kennedy founded it under the guidance of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. Dr. Lamerson was a member of the first graduating class at Knox in 1993, is beloved by the Knox community, and is well respected by the faculty, staff, and academia at large. He has been professor of New Testament since the fall of 1997 after receiving his PhD in New Testament from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.  He is the longest serving faculty member and has steadily advanced through roles such as director of admissions, dean of students, and dean of faculty.

Board Chairman Mr. Cochran says of the new President, “Dr. Sam Lamerson has long been recognized by students, alumni, faculty and Board members as the heart and soul of Knox. The entire Knox community can take great joy and confidence in Sam’s love for and commitment to Knox as the Seminary continues to carry out its mission in south Florida and around the world through Knox Online.” The Seminary currently has almost 400 enrolled students. Encouraged by the Seminary’s growth in recent years, Mr. Cochran adds, “The Board is devoted to continuing the development of excellent programs, both residential and online, serving the church, training pastors and protectors of the Word, and continuing to build for the future.”

Knox Seminary President

In answering the call to become Knox Theological Seminary’s President, Dr. Lamerson was humbled and expressed, “Knox changed my life and I want to be a part of doing that for other students.” Dr. Lamerson is a master teacher with a pastoral heart and is loved by his students. He hopes to help make communication an important part of the culture at Knox and believes that his “open door policy” will help ensure students, faculty, and staff that no question is off limits.

Dr. Lamerson brings a strong community, missional, residential, and pastoral presence to the Knox leadership that is crucial during an exciting period of growth in the life of the Seminary. “There have been times over the past twenty years when Knox has experienced a great bounty and times when the Seminary has faced serious adversity,” says Dr. Lamerson. “I am humbled and certainly know that any work like this will face difficulties but I also know that God is our ultimate hope.” President Lamerson hopes to bring prayer to the forefront in the Knox community as the school boldly moves forward in mission and ministry.

Knox Theological Seminary is an independent evangelical seminary and home to students from a broad range of denominational backgrounds. The Seminary prepares leaders to minister in a 21st-century context by emphasizing the application of Scripture to all areas of life, providing exceptional academic instruction, in the tradition of the Reformed faith, as well as guidance for spiritual growth. Attention is directed to the inner life of the pastor/teacher as well as an emphasis on community, blending the theoretical and practical for the ever-changing landscape of ministry. Knox seeks to equip servant leaders for effective ministry that is Christ centered, gospel driven, and mission focused. The Board of Directors is committed to calling leaders dedicated to fulfilling this mission. Dr. Lamerson models this by pointing to Christ in all things and says, “I am excited about what the Lord has called Knox Seminary to do and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.” He adds, “I can only depend upon Christ for my help.  With Christ we will be successful and without Him we will be abject failures.”

Dr. Lamerson will continue to teach several of his New Testament classes and to speak and teach at various churches in the south Florida area. He remains committed to the spiritual formation of students, as well as the faculty and staff, along with assuming the administrative and academic responsibilities of the president.  If anyone or any church would like to have him come and share the vision of Knox as well as the good news of God’s kingdom, please contact the Seminary.

An inaugural ceremony for Dr. Lamerson will take place in December of this year.  The date and time will be announced soon and it is hoped that everyone in the Knox community will attend this special service of worship.

To learn more about Knox Theological Seminary, please visit www.knoxseminary.edu, their official Facebook page www.facebook.com/knoxseminary, or you may follow Knox on Twitter @knoxseminary.


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