Dr. Joe Rivera | Knox Theological Seminary

Dr. Joe Rivera



BA, MA, MA, PhD.

Dr. Joe Rivera enjoys bringing theology into dialogue with other disciplines, especially contemporary culture, continental philosophy and historical inquiry. Christ and culture are mutually illuminating, and faith today must speak into what is an increasingly post-Christian western culture. It is the conversation between the ancients and the moderns, between the patristic voices of the early church and the late modern pluralistic world that Dr. Rivera welcomes, as a conversation at once stimulating and challenging. Resourcing our classical tradition is a way in which the contemporary mind can recall that the integrity of theology lies in the unity of theory and practice, intellect and spirituality. Just as St. Paul says the creature reaches toward the mystery of God only properly from within the horizon of the world as a creatura mundi (Romans 1:20), so too is theological education a spiritual exercise in intellectual retrieval, whereby the apprehension of the truths of the gospel corresponds critically (and constructively) to the particular spirit of the age in which we find ourselves.

Q: What is the most reward aspect of my teaching at Knox?


A: The most rewarding aspect of teaching online for Knox Theological Seminary is the time spent reading the material written by each student. Every student brings years of ministry experience and practical wisdom, and the quality of theological reflection is always excellent; the intellectual repartee between teacher and student on the discussion boards and other forums opens up space for stimulating collaborative learning, in which I learn perhaps more than the student.