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Fixed Payment Plan 


Tuition: The Fixed Payment Plan locks in your tuition rate for the required hours in your selected course of study. There is no interest on the tuition owed before or after graduation, as long as you continue to make payments on time.

Does not include books, software purchases, travel, or elective expenses such as purchase of the graduate hood, or any other expense associated with your studied but not billed directly by Knox as a mandatory school expense.

Payment Amount: The monthly payment amount is based on the number of payments, the estimated graduation date, and the program selected.

Degree Hours Fixed Tuition 72 mo. 84 mo. 96 mo.
48 $512.00 $ 341.33 N/A N/A
60 $525.00 $ 437.50 $ 375.00 N/A
90 $561.00 $ 701.25 $ 601.07 $ 525.94

Duration: Payment options of up to a 96 payments are available, depending upon degree program. Please note that 50% of the total payments must be made prior to graduation; selecting longer payment plans may delay graduation and will increase the fixed tuition amount.

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