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“Do you wish to be great? Then begin by being.”

Saint Augustine said those words in the fifth century, but their relevancy has not diminished. At Knox, we are committed to training great men and great women for ministry. But greatness does not depend only on knowledge or academic achievement. As Augustine said so well, greatness begins with being. That is why we don’t just focus on academics and future ministry.

At Knox, we are committed to the transformation of the student/leader as an individual. Transformation comes, not just by knowing the Word of God, but rather by knowing the God of the Word. Transformation comes by being nourished and nurtured in your personal walk with God, not just religious exercises. Transformation comes by seeing the Christian faith modeled in the life of professors, not just spoken about from the lectern. It’s being challenged in your daily life habits, not just reading from the Greek about the ministry of Christ. It’s about being more concerned with the inner life of the Christian leader than the outward activities of leadership. Transformation is about being, not just doing.


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