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ABODE OF PEACE–Visakhapatnam, India




“To LOVE the unloved and CARE for the uncared.”

Our vision is primarily to reach out to the unwanted, unloved and uncared children, who come from parentless homes (orphans), broken homes, streets and destitute kids, with true love and care. Also to reach out to the poor and needy widows, destitute men and women and old aged persons with true love and genuine concern.





“To be a HOME away from home.”

Our Mission is to establish a HOME where food, clothing and shelter can be provided to these poor and needy children.

To provide educational and vocational training at the HOME to the children which will enable them to build their lives thereby assuring them of a decent and a meaningful life in the future.

To provide residential and medical facilities to the needy and old aged persons which will give them an opportunity to spend the rest of their lives in peace and serenity.



‘Abode of Peace’ is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to offer holistic care to the unwanted, unloved and uncared for children and young adults who come from various challenging backgrounds. As Wess Staffod, President Emeritus of Comapassion International said, “Every child you encounter is a divine appointment.” We strongly believe that God has special plan in each child and young adult who come to us from various needy backgrounds.



My wife Sheela and I, started Abode of Peace, in 1994 with just two children. We live in Visakhapatnam with our two lovely daughters, Ashritha and Ankitha. Early in our lives, we realized that God needs men and women who would execute His special plan in the lives of challenged children. Inspired by the life and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, we dedicated our lives to work for the betterment of suffering children.

Thus, in 1994 we founded ‘Abode of Peace’ in a small way, putting our trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for its needs. God blessed our work and established it. Over 1200 children and young adults received our services so far. All the glory and honor and credit to God.


In the year 2012, November, I met with a wonderful man (a well known author and apologist) who asked me an astounding question: “If you had all the resources and you would not fail, what you would do in your life?” I pondered for a while and answered him that I would do Church related ministry along with overseeing the orphanage. Within no time, he made me realize that I needed to take theological education in order to be effective in the ministry. I believe that the conversation was providential and God ordained. To cut the long story short, here I am at Knox as a result of that meeting and much prayer, studying with childlike excitement and desiring to learn about God and His word.

As a lay minister, I used to think that the knowledge that I gained in bits and pieces from my years of experience was going to be enough for the ministry. Also, I never imagined that studying theology at this point of my life would be a possibility. But thanks be to God who makes everything beautiful in His time.

My purpose of doing this MABTS is that I want to stand before My Lord Jesus on that last day (first day in heaven) with greater offering of my service for which I am apprehended for. I want to serve Him in a choicest manner as an informed servant and as an equipped weapon for His glory.


The beneficiaries include children and young adults who do not have both the parents, who have a single parent who is struggling for livelihood, children from broken and dysfunctional families, etc. We provide them with residential, educational and vocational facilities. Above all, we humbly attempt to give them hope and mend their shattered dreams.

Presently, we are offering our services to over 300 children and young adults. Among these, around 250 children are receiving partial help ($20 per child per month) from Compassion International. We are praying for sponsors for the rest of the children and for salaries for the staff (25 People).

All these years we have been running our services by depending on random donations. It has been a heavy challenge for us as this help is random. We do not know from where and how our next need will be met. Most of the time, it is extremely challenging. But by God’s grace, we are somehow going ahead.

abode-of-peace-buildingOUR FACILITIES

The girls’ premises and office is run in a building (third level of a five-story building). The owner of the building is kind enough to allow us to use it without any rental payment. He is actually trying to sell or lease out the other floors/levels of the building. He offered to us a quite reasonable price if we wanted to buy the floor that we are using for the girls. But we could raise only a meager amount for it. This is one of our needs.

The boys are staying in a rental house 4 km distance from girls place. Every day they shuttle to the girls’ premises, which is also used as a school for all of the children. One family is helping us to pay the rent for boys’ place but they have promised only for limited time.

Child sponsorship: It costs $40 US dollars per month, per child, that covers food, medical, education and residence facilities with staff mentorship.







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