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Knox Launches World’s First DMin in Theological Exegesis

In recent years the world of biblical and theological scholarship has focused on one issue with fervor equal to and seemingly greater than any other: “theological interpretation of Scripture” or “theological exegesis.” Fed up with the sterile scholarship of much modern biblical criticism and concerned by the lack of biblical engagement in so much Christian faith and practice, men and women from a variety of backgrounds in the Christian world have pursued a new way by returning to old paths. Theological exegesis has been viewed as a way behind more recent alternatives like exegesis as technique or exposition as therapy. The unique gift that Christians have to speak truth to our world is the Holy Scripture, and yet this biblical text is a unique book that must be read in its own terms. Thus, we need to learn and practice a theological exegesis if we are to be sustained by it and steward it well for others.

So far theological exegesis has been addressed and practiced in academic formats. New commentary series, like the Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible or the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, have been released to great acclaim. New book series have also been launched, such as the Studies in Theological Interpretation series. The Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible has been award-winning and best-selling in recent years. Academic journals have launched: for example, the Journal of Theological Interpretation. PhD programs have begun with great success in places like Wheaton College and the University of St. Andrews. And, of course, conference events occur every year to talk about theological exegesis. The buzz is palpable.

What is taught in the new Theological Exegesis track at Knox?

Knox Theological Seminary is pleased to announce that it will launch the world’s first Doctor of Ministry concentration in theological exegesis in 2013. This track is specifically designed to equip students in the art of theological exegesis of the Bible, and it is uniquely shaped to form men and women for the practice of reading the Bible in this way, taking what has been mostly an academic conversation and connecting it to the lives and communities of Christians around the globe. The coursework and final project foster a commitment and ability to read the Bible in a canonical, creedal, and contextual way. Our professors have been and continue to be involved notably in these theological conversations, and they are eager to guide students deeper into this practice. Over the course of the next several weeks, further posts will highlight some of the ways Knox professors have approached theological exegesis and how these will translate into a world-class education through this DMin concentration.


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