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Meet Knox Online.

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Knox Online: An Unprecedented Online Seminary Experience


While many other online programs only feature audio lectures, Knox Online gives you the advantage of HD video-based lectures and audio that replicate a true classroom experience.

Global Community

Knox Online has a vibrant and denominationally diverse community of online learners studying together from across the globe. Enjoy lively student interaction and quick response times from faculty with Knox Online!

Timeless Truth, Modern Pace

Knox Online offers accelerated four- to eight-week structured terms. Typically there are monthly starts in a rotating schedule so a student can move rapidly through the program.

Best Value

Knox Online offers affordable payment options and scholarships that make a seminary education attainable with tuition that is 20% less than the average of other top seminaries.


Disappointed by other online seminary programs that only provide audio lectures and leave you on your own to learn? Overwhelmed by the idea of moving and leaving your ministry context to attend a residential seminary program? We created an online program and seminary experience that we would want. Knox Online offers quality, affordable, and accredited online seminary education that connects Reformed theological excellence with rich community to meet you where you are in ministry, offering a partial Doctor of Ministry online along with a Master of Divinity,  Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies (MABTS) and Master of Arts in Christian and Classical Studies (MACCS) fully online. Our high level of support and enhanced features will help you go the distance.


While many other online programs only feature audio lectures, Knox Online gives you the advantage of HD video-based lectures and audio that replicate a true classroom experience.


Knox Online’s worldwide community of online learners helps students to apply what they are learning in their own particular ministry context. Connectivity is brought to the online classroom with interactive discussion forums and exciting new features that will create a more dynamic student-to-student and student-to-professor interface. Learn in a community…. just like you do in ministry!

Online Seminary Virtual Classroom


Study under our world-renowned faculty of top-tier pastors and scholars. And Knox Online doesn’t just give you lectures and leave you to learn on your own. The online program features a high level of support with quick response times from faculty and we monitor every student’s progress to ensure that no one gets behind. We want to partner with you to help maximize your ministry training!


Knox Online offers accelerated 4-, 8-, and 16-week terms and typically there are monthly starts in a rotating schedule so a student can move rapidly through the program.





Don’t leave the ministry context where God has placed you! Knox Online offers many competitive advantages in that it delivers a quality online seminary education, ATS accreditation, convenient technology, high support, and affordable payment options that make seminary education attainable.

Knox is one of the best values in seminary education today with tuition that is 20% less than other top seminaries. And with Knox Online you can continue working while completing your graduate studies.

We are combining a robust theological curriculum with cutting-edge technology to present the finest and most comprehensive online seminary education for today’s leaders in modern ministry. Inquire today!


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Student Testimonials

“Knox Theological Seminary Online gives me the flexibility I need as a mother, writer, homeschool teacher, Sunday School teacher, and speaker to further my theological education. The online professors, dean, and registrar are all supportive and easily accessible to help with any issues that arise. The course content is challenging, edifying, and through the work of the Holy Spirit life changing. If you are considering a seminary education, I highly recommend Knox.” –Angela

“I just want to brag on Knox for a moment and let you know that while I am obviously not able to attend in residence, the way the online courses have been conducted I feel like I’ve been able to get a taste of the best part of the seminary–a quality education within the context of an intimate setting. Thanks for making it great!” –Scott Postma


“Ok, this is a bit geeky, but would you believe that drawing a triangle with points at my three most distant students encloses a total of almost 7 million square miles of land and water? It’s wild. 7 million miles!”

Dr. Tim Sansbury

VP of Administration, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Theology




Knox Online Frequently Asked Questions

Is online learning right for me?
Online learning has become a popular alternative to traditional residential study because of its flexible time alternatives, convenience to home and work, and course scheduling.  However, just because something is convenient doesn’t mean that it is right for you. Online learning requires a high level of self-direction and discipline, common for adult learners.  Some students, however, prefer residential courses because of the structure of the classroom. When assessing your learning choice, you should take into consideration your goals, learning styles, and reasons for enrolling in a seminary course.  Online learning may be the perfect choice for you.
How long do courses last?
The online academic terms are four, eight, and sixteen weeks long.
How many courses should I enroll into each term?
The number of courses a student may take varies from student to student. For full-time working adults with familial obligations, it is recommended that students take one course during each eight-week term to optimize success. For other students who are working part time and have more flexibility in their schedule, more hours may be feasible. It is recommended that you consult with the program director to agree upon a course load for each term.
What can I expect in each course?
Knox Online courses vary from discipline to discipline, but there are similarities in all of the courses. For survey courses, students can expect to watch between 3-4 hours of recorded lecture material per weekIn addition, every course will include reading assignments, online tests or quizzes, discussion forums, and written assignments.
What are the required textbooks?
Course textbooks vary from course to course. All courses are designed to utilize e-books available in Logos Bible Software whenever possible. Some other books may have to be purchased.
How many courses are available through Knox Online?
Knox has a robust course library, comprised of dozens of core and elective courses for certificate, masters, and doctoral students.
Are Knox Online courses substantially different than the residential courses?
Knox Online courses are inherently different because of the medium in which learning occurs. Most of your communication with the professor occurs through discussion forums, e-mail, and live webinars.  Residential lectures for the corresponding course have been recorded and edited. In most cases, the lectures have been edited for content. So in a typical three-hour residential course, a half hour has been eliminated.  This allows for efficiency in time and learning.
Which programs are available through Knox Online?

Students may complete a full Master of Divinity,  Master of Arts (Biblical and Theological Studies) or Master of Arts (Christian and Classical Studies) online. See the Programs page for more information on each of these degrees.

May I complete the Master of Divinity online?

The Master of Divinity can be completed fully online.

Is Knox Seminary’s online program accredited?

Knox Theological Seminary is accredited by the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) in the United States and Canada and has been granted status to offer a comprehensive distance education program. The Master of Divinity, the Master of Arts (Biblical and Theological Studies) and the Master of Arts (Christian and Classical Studies) are available fully online. Our Doctor of Ministry students can also take up to three courses online.

Are courses taken through Knox Online transferable to another institution?
Because Knox is an accredited seminary, most institutions will accept Knox courses as transfer credit. However, please check with the institution you wish to transfer credits to before enrolling into an online course.
When can I enroll in an online course?

Student applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, permitting entry into a Knox program at any point in the year.