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Leith Anderson Scholarship Winner: Meet Gary Golike

This spring, the Knox Doctor of Ministry program is introducing a new track: The Gospel in Church and Culture, coordinated by Dr. Jim Belcher. The track draws on Scripture and Christian tradition to help pastors proclaim the Gospel in church and culture.

If you start before June, you can take Dr. Belcher’s Mission and Tradition: Seeking Balance in Ministry. The class will look at the emerging and traditional churches, seeking a third way for the twenty-first century—a path between tradition and modernity.

Congratulations to Gary Golike!

Gary Golike is the winner of our last Leith Anderson Scholarship. He’s a pastor in Nebraska with 33 years’ ministry experience. Gary is coming out of a sabbatical—he writes, “The scholarship comes at a perfect time in my life, and will fulfill a long-desired dream to continue my biblical and theological education.  . . . I feel that the opportunity to study at Knox is an intentional gift from God.”

“As a teenager,” Gary writes, “I began to wander and attempted to live in both worlds, staying close to life in the church, but also getting involved in worldly behavior. . . . After struggling through a philosophy class that emphasized existentialism and also some relationship issues, I was suddenly struck with the foolishness and purposelessness of my attempts to find my way apart from God’s will.”

If Gary’s wanderings sound familiar, it’s because the tension he faced—between church and culture, tradition and modernity—is the same tension addressed in the new Knox DMin track. That tension is ancient, and it demands nuanced answers.


Learn more about the ministry transforming Doctor of Ministry program at Knox Theological Seminary. Apply to Knox’s Gospel in Church and Culture track by May 10, 2013.