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Knox Programs are designed for those faithful men and women called to lead and serve the church of God, who are apt to teach, passionate about the glorious gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and will to boldly proclaim it throughout the earth.

We seek to train pastors and ministry leaders who will pray like Abraham did for Sodom, who will weep like Jeremiah did for Jerusalem, and who will be stirred in their inner hearts to bring the Gospel to Athens like Paul. Our programs of study are not for the faint of heart; we seek those with virtue and vision, who desire to lead boldly and serve generously.

Our graduates minister in a wide range of settings, from pastors and academics to teachers and laypersons. With the help of Almighty God, we are training a generation to lead, teach, and serve the church of the King of kings, to His eternal glory!


Master of Divinity

The Knox Master of Divinity Program is a professional degree program that prepares students for pastoral ministry. We seek to shape whole persons to communicate the gospel and demonstrate its implications in everyday life. Pastors and church leaders must be biblically saturated, theologically discerning, and contextually sensitive Christians; to that end, the curriculum focuses on three major areas: biblical, theological, and practical ministry studies.

Total Credit hours: 90

Approximate Time to Complete: 3 years

Residential and Online

Master of Arts: Biblical and Theological Studies

The Master of Arts (Biblical and Theological Studies) is an academic degree program designed for persons who intend to pursue further graduate studies in Biblical exegesis and theology or who desire to broaden and deepen their knowledge in these areas.

Total Credit hours: 60

Approximate Time to Complete: 2 years

Residential and Online

Master of Arts: Christian and Classical Studies

The Master of Arts (Christian & Classical Studies) is an academic degree program designed for Christian and classical school teachers, homeschool parents and teachers, lay leaders, and pastors who desire to enter into the Great Conversation of the Western Tradition. The goal in this program is to focus on how the gospel of Jesus Christ has transformed and continues to transform culture in our time.

Total Credit hours: 48

Approximate Time to Complete: 1.5 years

Residential and Online

Doctor of Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry is a professional program for pastors, missionaries, and others actively engaged in ministry-related fields. Courses are normally offered in intensive one-week sessions throughout the year and up to three courses can be taken online. Students receive pre-course assignments that include assigned readings and/or written papers. At the end of the sessions, students receive post-course assignments that may include a written project requiring the students to apply course material.

Total Credit hours: 30

Approximate Time to Complete: 1.5 years

Residential and Online


Certificate Programs

The Certificate programs at Knox Theological Seminary are specially designed for individuals who are interested in pursuing theological training without the commitment to a master’s-level program. The programs are well suited for lay leaders in the church, missionaries who require a year of formal theological training, or individuals desiring to both broaden and deepen their understanding in the Christian faith. All Certificate programs can be completed fully online.

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