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Doctor of Ministry Degree Program

Empower your preaching

Distinguish your ministry with advanced seminary training, the kind that connects rich theology with practical ministry and powerful preaching. Knox Theological Seminary offers a 21st century Doctor of Ministry program that can immeasurably deepen a pastor’s understanding of Scripture through preparation in exegetical theory and resources designed to embolden preaching.

The Doctor of Ministry is a professional program for pastors, missionaries, and others actively engaged in ministry-related fields. Get the kind of solid biblical and exegetical training that will enhance your Christ-centered preaching and help you teach the gospel with the boldness and clarity needed in a rapidly changing culture.

Knox currently offers three tracks of specialization in the Doctor of Ministry program:

The Doctor of Ministry tracks exist to allow students the opportunity to focus their studies on a particular area of study in which Knox Seminary remains committed to offering a broad array of courses from a range of leading scholars.

Participation in a DMin Track is entirely voluntary; a student is not required to commit to a particular track in order to complete the degree.

All DMin graduates are awarded the Doctor of Ministry degree, regardless of whether he or she has specified a particular track. Students who successfully complete the requirements for a particular track will see that reflected on their academic record/transcript, but not their diploma.

Paced with the modern minister in mind

The Knox DMin caters to pastors in full-time ministry. Courses are offered in one-week intensive sessions throughout the year and up to three of the eight courses can be taken online.

Attain biblical, theological, exegetical, and preaching expertise.

You will study under world-class faculty and learn from some of the best theological and pastoral minds for the needs of the church today. Add to that ATS accreditation, a diverse student body, a global community of learners, and competitive tuition.

Academic Requirements for Admission

Students must possess an ATS Board of Commissioners-approved MDiv or its educational equivalent (72 graduate semester hours in theology, biblical studies, and the arts of ministry, which must include a master’s degree), with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. The process of considering MDiv equivalency is conducted by the admissions committee, who will examine a student’s academic record for evidence of sufficient background and adequate performance in the areas of biblical studies, systematic theology, church history, and practical theology.

Students must demonstrate evidence of adequate training in the biblical languages. Applicants without biblical language training must successfully complete at least nine credit hours of master’s-level biblical language courses at Knox or another ATS accredited school before their application will be considered for acceptance.

Students must have at least three years of experience in ministry subsequent to the first graduate theological degree, and show evidence of capacity for an advanced competence and reflection in the practice of ministry beyond that of the master’s level.

Academic Requirements for Candidacy

Satisfactory completion of all coursework (24 credit hours) with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 and Program Committee approval of the major project proposal. At their discretion, the Program Committee will interview a candidate to evaluate their readiness for candidacy.

Academic Requirements for Completion

All requirements for the Doctor of Ministry degree must be completed within six years from the time of matriculation. Petitions for an exception to this requirement must be approved by the Program Committee.

The candidate will complete a total of 30 credit hours with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. This includes successful completion of eight seminars (24 credit hours) plus the major project (six credit hours). Upon completion of the major project, the candidate will make a successful oral presentation of the work for evaluation. All students are required to complete the project presentation and evaluation at least five weeks before graduation.

Successful completion of the Doctor of Ministry program should be no fewer than three years and no more than six.

Final Project

The purpose of the Major Project is to demonstrate the student’s ability to integrate the academic content of the Doctor of Ministry program with the nature and practice of ministry for the purposes of enhancing the personal practice of ministry.

Each project will address a specific ministerial concern and clearly demonstrate—and be assessed according to—the following characteristics:

  • Excellent research including…
  1. an organized, coherent, and effective research methodology.
  2. sufficient resources to demonstrate advanced competency of the depth and breadth of the topic being addressed.
  3. clear, informed, and objective assessment of the research results from a theological and practical point of view.
  • Both a personal and public rationale
  • Both theoretical/theological and practical considerations that are clearly described and integrated
  • Practical application that contributes meaningfully to the personal practice of ministry

These should culminate in a significant contribution to the practice of ministry in the intended community of the church.

A full description of the Major Project can be found here.

DMin Degree Learning Outcomes

  • Articulate the Gospel message of salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone.
  • Explain the inspiration and authority of all of scripture and its relationship to the Gospel.
  • Articulate the relationship of the gospel to sanctification in the life of the believer.
  • Articulate a Christocentric view of ministry in which theological study, practice, and ethical conduct mutually inform and enhance one other.
  • Demonstrate pastoral, oral, and written skills and competencies that are required for church leadership at its most mature and effective level.
  • Contribute to the practice of ministry by means of a doctoral level project that integrates analytical and ministerial research, theological reflection, and practical application.

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Student Testimonial

“There is such a great need for orthodox clarification to the population who straddle many denominations and are confused by today’s social gospel and secular humanism. I hear it wherever I go. I cherish many of the statements from Dr. Waltke’s doctor of ministry course at Knox. He brings clarity to the war that is upon us to become sensitized in spirit, soul, and body as we seek to radiate the indwelling presence of the Living God in what we think, say, and do; not just on Sunday mornings.” –Michael J. Driscoll

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