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Master of Divinity


The Master of Divinity is a professional degree that prepares students for pastoral ministry. We seek to shape the whole person to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ and demonstrate its implications in everyday life. Knox believes that in order for pastors and church leaders to effectively declare and demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they must be biblically-saturated, theologically-discerning, historically-rooted, and contextually-sensitive Christians. To that end, the curriculum focuses on biblical, theological, historical, and practical ministry studies, including a field-based ministry internship.

Admission Requirements Unique to Mdiv

Because Knox seeks to serve the church, we desire to partner with particular churches and church leaders in the education of future leaders. Toward this end, all incoming Knox M.Div. students are required to name a Pastor/Church Mentor who will help guide the student through seminary in preparation for ministry. We ask that the Pastor/Church Mentor consent to this role with knowledge of Knox’s program and be able to interact with the student and give feedback to Knox about the student’s spiritual development. (*There is allowance for a student to change the Pastor/Church Mentor during the program for circumstance such as relocation).

A limited number of applicants who do not hold a bachelor’s degree may be admitted to the Master of Divinity program. In such cases, which are rare, the Seminary will evaluate the applicant’s life experience and academic abilities to ensure adequate preparation for graduate study.

Learning Outcomes

A graduate of the MDiv program will:

  • Articulate the Gospel message of salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone.
  • Explain the inspiration and authority of all of the scripture and its relationship to the Gospel.
  • Articulate the relationship of the gospel to sanctification in the life of the believer.
  • Demonstrate the relationship of biblical studies, systematic theology, and historical theology in articulating a thoughtful and coherent theological framework.
  • Properly interpret the scriptures, articulating the importance of knowledge of the original languages of scripture and an informed hermeneutical method.
  • Faithfully relate the Gospel to their culture and context.
  • Effectively communicate the Gospel through the spoken word.
  • Properly handle the scriptures through careful exegesis in the original languages.
    • Demonstrate how foundational experiences in pastoral ministry related to church governance, pastoral care and counseling, and the administration of the sacraments inform ministry.

    Program Requirements


    NT512 New Testament Greek 1 3 Credit Hours
    NT514 New Testament Greek 2 3 Credit Hours
    NT702 Advanced Biblical Exegesis 3 Credit Hours
    OT612 Old Testament Hebrew 1 3 Credit Hours
    OT614 Old Testament Hebrew 2 3 Credit Hours



    NT502 New Testament Survey 1 – Gospels and Acts 3 Credit Hours
    NT504 New Testament Survey 2 – Epistles and Revelation 3 Credit Hours
    NT712 Biblical Hermeneutics 3 Credit Hours
    OT602 Old Testament Survey 1 3 Credit Hours
    OT604 Old Testament Survey 2 3 Credit Hours



    ST506 Systematic THeology 1 – God and Creation 3 Credit Hours
    ST602 Systematic Theology 2 – Christ and the Church 3 Credit Hours
    ST604 Systematic Theology 3 – Salvation and Eschatology 3 Credit Hours
    ST608 Ethics 3 Credit Hours



    CH502 History of Christianity 1 – Ancient and Medieval Church History 3 Credit Hours
    CH504 History of Christianity 2 – Reformation to Modern Era 3 Credit Hours



    AT502 Introduction to Homiletics 3 Credit Hours
    AT602 Preaching Practicum 1 1 Credit Hours
    AT604 Preaching Practicum 2 1 Credit Hours
    AT608 Ministry and the Church 3 Credit Hours
    AT702 Preaching Practicum 3 1 Credit Hours
    AT704 Worship 3 Credit Hours
    AT706 Supervised Ministry Internship 3 Credit Hours
    AT754 Integrative Project 3 Credit Hours
    ME702 The Missional Church 3 Credit Hours




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