Reformation Day – October 31, 2019 | Knox Theological Seminary

Reformation Day 2019

Just over five centuries ago, God began a major Reformation in His Church. As a church historian, it’s amazing to see God’s continued faithfulness in cultivating, protecting, and preserving His Bride, the Church.

As president of Knox Seminary, I’m also excited to see a new reformation underway. While remaining true to our Reformed heritage, Knox is reforming how seminaries serve the Church – in, with, and for the Church. Knox is uniquely creating opportunities for our students to stay where God has called them, learn in their context, and – in collaboration with church leaders – continue to serve the Church in dynamic, effective, and efficient ways.

Thank you for being part of this new reformation, aimed at further cultivating, protecting, and preserving the beauty and truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Scott Manor, PhD
Associate Professor, Historical Theology