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All students coming to Knox from out of town, please know that Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) is the nearest airport to the seminary.


Book the Courtyard Marriott–Fort Lauderdale East with Knox Discount

LaQuinta Inn

The Hampton Inn–Cypress Creek

The Forum–Pompano Beach


Experience time away to pray, study, and focus on the future of your ministry during one-week intensive sessions offered throughout the year here in Fort Lauderdale. Whether you are studying with us online or on-campus, you will sit under world-class faculty.


Master-level students must obtain written permission from the academic dean before registering for Doctor of Ministry courses.

Hybrid courses and one-week intensives count towards residential credit hours. This is particularly beneficial for MDiv students who must meet the required 30 residential credit hours for their degree.


To optimize a student’s course experience and success, Knox recommends that all students register for master- and doctoral-level classes at least one month in advance. Students will then receive the syllabus that outlines reading requirements and course expectations. There is a substantial amount of pre-course reading and preparation for these one-week intensive courses so it is suggested that a student register as early as possible.

winter 2017 Course Offerings

ST643/DM843: Israel and the Church

**DOCTORAL LEVEL**  3 credits  •  January, 8-12 2018  •  Fort Lauderdale, FL

Taught by Dr. Robbie Crouse

This course examines the overall message of the Bible by exploring the unity and development of Old and New Testament. The goal is to grasp better and communicate more clearly the biblical account of Israel and the church. Readings and lectures will cover ways to understand the relationship between the two testaments, their theological implications, their interpretation in church history, and their practical outworking in the ministry of the church and Christian life.    

OT647/DM847: Old Testament Theology

**MASTER LEVEL**  3 credits  •  January 15-19, 2018  •  Fort Lauderdale, FL

Taught by: Bruce Waltke

Most Christians know that Scripture is important, but we often struggle to understand how it all fits together. This course establishes that the irruption of the kingdom of God is the main theme and develops subordinate themes in light of their historical development and scriptural context. In this way, the student learns the continuities and discontinuities between texts, especially on the relationship of the Old Testament and relationship to the New Testament. It is hoped the student will leave with a deeper understanding of Scripture—and so of God, and prepared to engage thoughtfully with biblical theology.

AT649/DM849: Preaching Difficult OT Passages

**DOCTORAL LEVEL**  3 credit hours  •  January 22-26, 2018  •  Fort Lauderdale, FL

Taught by: Tremper Longman III

By its nature, the Old Testament is difficult to preach and teach in a contemporary 21st-century Christian context. While filled with exciting stories, profound poems, pithy wisdom, scintillating prophecies, it is often hard to know how to bridge the horizon from the ancient world to the modern world. But it is especially problematic when it comes to certain difficult topics, such as those that deal with (among other topics) slavery, patriarchy, sexuality, creation/evolution, and divine violence. Through lecture and reading, we will address the continuing relevance of the Old Testament for the church in the 21st century with a particular focus on these, particularly difficult issues.    

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